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Compare 15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Epic Traffic!

by | Last updated Dec 17, 2023 | Published on Nov 30, 2023 | SEO

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Key Takeaways from “Compare 15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Epic Traffic”

  1. Diverse Functionality: Explore a myriad of features offered by the top 15 WordPress SEO plugins, each catering to different facets of website optimization.
  2. Optimization Unleashed: Witness the power of these plugins in optimizing your website for search engines, from enhanced keyword integration to seamless meta tag management.
  3. Traffic Surge Strategies: Uncover the strategies embedded in each plugin that contribute to a significant surge in website traffic, ensuring your online presence is maximized.
  4. Revolutionize Your Approach: Revolutionize your digital strategy by choosing the plugin that aligns with your unique needs, reshaping how you approach SEO for unparalleled online success.
  5. Stay at the Forefront: Embrace the transformation these plugins bring, positioning your website at the forefront of the digital landscape and securing a competitive edge in your industry.


Short on Time? Read the summary of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

In this article, I compare the 15 best WordPress SEO plugins, free and paid.
Nevertheless, if time is of the essence, I’ve got you covered.
At the time of writing the article, my top pick was AIOSEO. Click HERE to check their offer to find out if it’s the top SEO tool for you as well!

Key Benefits of AIOSEO:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: AIOSEO offers an intuitive platform for easy optimization.
  2. Comprehensive SEO Tools: Access a suite of tools for effective content optimization, keyword research, and more.
  3. Versatile Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with other platforms for a unified digital strategy.

Key Features of All-in-One SEO:

  1. TruSEO On-Page Analysis
  2. Rich Snippets Schema
  3. Local SEO
  4. Smart XML Sitemaps
  5. Video SEO Sitemaps
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Link Assistant
  8. WooCommerce SEO
  9. SEO Audit Checklist
  10. Redirection Manager
  11. Google News Sitemaps
  12. Robots.txt Editor

I understand that we are busy all the time, but if you find some time, read the complete article to find out how you can combine AI tools like Surfer SEO with one of the best WordPress SEO plugins like AIOSEO, to increase your SERP position in 30 days!

Aioseo overview » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

Unlocking the Potential of SEO for Your WordPress Site

So, you’ve successfully crafted a remarkable WordPress site, dedicated substantial time to content creation, and eagerly launched it for your audience. However, the belief that “If you build it, they will come,” reminiscent of the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, doesn’t always hold true.

Embracing the best WordPress SEO plugins for Organic Growth

To drive organic website traffic – the kind not reliant on paid ads – the next crucial step is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a nuanced and ongoing process, but fortunately, WordPress provides an array of resources to simplify the journey.

Optimizing Your WordPress Site

To enhance your WordPress site’s visibility, consider selecting a high-quality WordPress theme like DIVI and incorporating one of the best WordPress SEO plugins to execute your SEO strategy. This article provides an overview of the top SEO plugins for WordPress, offering insights into their functionalities and why they might be beneficial for your business.

Pro Tip: Before diving into the optimization process, ensure a solid understanding of SEO basics. Here are on-page SEO guide and MOZ’s beginner-friendly SEO guide, an excellent resources to get you started.

List of 15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

1. All In One SEO

With a staggering user base exceeding 3,000,000 professionals, All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is a standout choice for those aiming to master on-page SEO dynamics. What sets this plugin apart is its comprehensive SEO audit checklist, a powerful tool that meticulously analyses every nook and cranny of your WordPress site. Beyond mere identification of errors, it provides actionable recommendations, serving as a strategic compass for improving your SEO and amplifying traffic.

AIOSEO doesn’t stop there; it proactively optimizes your site’s presence across search engines. The automatic generation and submission of sitemaps to key players like Google, Bing, and Yahoo ensure that your content enjoys maximum visibility on the web.

AIOSEO offers a vast number of features for website owners. From supporting schema and knowledge graphs to seamlessly integrating with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and fortifying local SEO, the plugin is a comprehensive solution for those with a keen eye on SEO excellence.

Pro TIP: You will get AIOSEO PRO for FREE with our special offer.
Please contact me if you have additional questions and want to discuss the offer or any other topic. I promise to do my best to help you thrive in the digital world.

Aioseo youtube » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

Best for: More than just a plugin, AIOSEO is a time and money-saving asset, especially tailored for local and small business owners. If your revenue relies on online searches, this plugin becomes your trusted ally, ensuring that your business stands out in the crowded digital landscape. Boost your SEO efforts effortlessly with AIOSEO one of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Aioseo wordpress dashboard » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


2. HubSpot

Crafting a robust SEO strategy requires solid data, and that’s precisely where HubSpot’s free WordPress Plugin proves invaluable. HubSpot delivers integrated analytics, presenting a comprehensive view of your marketing performance through user-friendly dashboards.

Whether you prefer a granular examination of traffic quantity and quality on a page-by-page basis or a broader overview of your entire site, this plugin has you covered. The beauty lies in its seamless integration with WordPress, allowing you to uncover strategic focal points without leaving your familiar environment.

As an extra perk, the plugin doesn’t stop at analytics. It brings additional features such as live chat, email marketing, forms, and more to the table, providing a holistic toolkit for business growth.

Best for: Small and scaling businesses find this plugin particularly advantageous. Its free accessibility, coupled with seamless integration with HubSpot’s suite of products, including its CRM, makes it a perfect ally for businesses aiming to elevate their online presence.

Hubspot » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


3. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin stands tall as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. This free plugin is a comprehensive solution, encompassing nearly every feature essential for optimizing your website. From SERP previews to XML sitemap creation and meta description rating, Yoast SEO has it all.

A standout feature is the on-page SEO insights, a beacon for users. This feature guides you on the optimal incorporation of your target keyword, ensuring the right keyword density on the page. It also advises on how to best optimize your title, meta description, and URL for the chosen keyword. Serving as a roadmap based on SEO best practices, it empowers you to manage each element effectively.

Best for: If you have an in-house team of writers, Yoast SEO becomes their ally. Prioritizing the reader experience, this plugin offers actionable tips for content optimization. With Yoast, your team can effortlessly please both readers and search engines without the need to memorize every SEO best practice. Streamline your optimization journey with the user-friendly guidance of Yoast SEO.

Yoast » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


4. MonsterInsights

In the realm of SEO, tracking analytics and performance is non-negotiable, and that’s precisely where MonsterInsights excels. As a one of the best WordPress plugins seamlessly integrates Google Analytics into your WordPress dashboard, offering actionable insights to enhance your website’s performance.

Say goodbye to the hassle of coding to install your Google Analytics tracking script. With MonsterInsights, you gain a clear view of how users discover and navigate your website. The content report feature highlights the most visited pages on your site, giving you valuable insights at a glance.

For those who find Google Analytics a bit intricate, MonsterInsights provides a simplified and streamlined approach, allowing you to decipher your data without logging into the Google Analytics platform.

Best for: Tailored for marketers and stakeholders eager to optimize their site for conversions, MonsterInsights is the go-to tool. If you’re on the hunt for a straightforward trail to understand how visitors find your website and why, this tool serves as your guide to enhancing the overall visitor experience. Elevate your SEO strategy with MonsterInsights and unravel the secrets hidden within your website data.

Monsterinsights » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


5. Rank Math

Among the best WordPress SEO plugins, Rank Math seamlessly integrates with your writing process, providing real-time insights without the need to leave the WordPress interface. Experience the convenience of optimizing titles and meta descriptions through a snippet preview, ensuring your posts appear just as you intend on the SERPs, and minimizing errors in Google displays.

Notably, this plugin is optimized for speed, ensuring that your site’s performance doesn’t compromise your SEO endeavors. Beyond the basics, Rank Math offers additional SEO features, including robust capabilities for redirections, 404 monitoring, and tailored SEO solutions for WooCommerce sites.

Rankmath » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

Best for: Whether you’re a solo content creator, SEO enthusiast, or the sole caretaker of your website’s health, Rank Math is designed for you. This all-encompassing tool keeps crucial data at your fingertips, providing advanced SEO analytics to efficiently manage your content, SEO strategy, and overall website well-being. Streamline your tasks and optimize with ease using Rank Math.

Rankmath best wordpress seo plugins » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


6. Premium SEO Pack

Setting itself apart, the Premium SEO Pack brings an array of advanced features beyond standard SEO offerings. While covering foundational aspects such as sitemap generation and Google Analytics monitoring, this plugin takes it a step further.

Premium SEO Pack introduces unique elements like page speed monitoring, rich snippets management, 404 error checking, and dedicated tools for link building. It also goes the extra mile by offering insights into your internal linking structure.

Best for: Creatives managing online portfolios often face the challenge of balancing their websites’ visual appeal and performance. Premium SEO Pack addresses this dilemma by providing notifications about the SEO-friendliness of images and optimizing speed through CSS and JavaScript minification. If you prioritize both aesthetics and performance, the Premium SEO Pack is tailored to your creative needs.

Premium seo pack best wordpress seo plugins » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


7. WP Meta SEO

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Embarking on a website redesign journey? Ensure your new pages are optimized for search engines with WP Meta SEO. I selected this plugin as one of the best WordPress plugins, because it introduces a game-changing meta-information bulk editor. This editor allows seamless optimization across the entire site in one go, eliminating the need to navigate through individual pages and saving you a significant amount of time.

Beyond its efficiency, WP Meta SEO integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console, leveraging its keyword suggestion features. This integration ensures that you can utilize accurate data directly from Google to make well-informed decisions about your keyword strategy. Additional built-in SEO features, including a redirections manager and a sitemap generator, further enhance the plugin’s capabilities.

Best for: If you’re a versatile entrepreneur or marketer managing website, SEO, and content simultaneously, WP Meta SEO is your ally. The bulk editor feature is a time-saving gem that accelerates your workflow, allowing you to allocate more time to crafting compelling content for your target audience. Streamline your tasks and optimize with ease using WP Meta SEO.

Wp meta seo best wordpress seo plugins » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


8. W3 Total Cache

Site speed is a critical factor in SEO, especially when we compare best WordPress SEO plugins, as search engines prioritize delivering results that not only answer user queries but also provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. Therefore, W3 Total Cache takes center stage in enhancing site speed through efficient caching, minification, and seamless CDN integrations. This all-in-one solution allows you to manage and optimize your website’s performance effortlessly.

Best for: Website owners dealing with a wealth of content, including gifs, videos, and images, stand to benefit significantly from this plugin. Given the crucial role site speed plays in SEO rankings, W3 Total Cache becomes an indispensable tool for those seeking to elevate their website’s speed and enhance user experience. Supercharge your site speed and boost your SEO performance with W3 Total Cache.

Best wordpress seo plugins w3 total cache » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


9. Rankie

The foundation of a robust SEO strategy lies in its data, and Rankie is here to provide you with an abundance of it. Elevate your SEO decision-making process with enhanced insights from Rankie. This plugin not only enables you to track your rankings but also empowers you to generate impactful reports.

With Rankie, you gain the necessary insights to make page modifications seamlessly, eliminating the need to juggle between Google Analytics, WordPress, and a scattered Excel spreadsheet.

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening multiple tabs; Rankie consolidates your data in one place. Whether you’re monitoring ongoing performance or identifying new keywords that drive visitors to your content, this plugin has you covered.

Best for: Tailored for SEO or marketing data analysts, Rankie as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins is the go-to tool for understanding your site’s performance in the SERP and gauging reader engagement. Simplify your analytics journey and gain comprehensive insights with Rankie.

Best wordpress seo plugins rankie » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


10. SEO 2021 by SQUIRRLY

Harnessing the capabilities of machine learning algorithms, SEO 2021 by SQUIRRLY stands out by analysing over 600,000 sites spanning seven years. This plugin conducts thorough website audits, evaluating internal architecture, keyword utilization, backlinks, web authority, and more.

Powered by artificial intelligence, SQUIRRLY’s unique strength lies in its ability to pinpoint gaps preventing your site from achieving optimal rankings. By focusing on the activities that promise the quickest results, this tool aims for significant breakthroughs with minimal effort, ultimately saving you valuable time and resources.

Best for: Professionals seeking a comprehensive SEO audit tool for their websites will find SEO 2021 by SQUIRRLY invaluable. Whether you’re initiating a new SEO strategy for an existing site or looking to enhance your current approach, this tool is designed to streamline your efforts and set you on the path to success.

Best wordpress seo plugins squirrly » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


11. Redirection

Here’s a puzzle: You decide to part ways with a page that Google has graciously ranked on page one for a high-volume keyword. The hitch? You have a treasure trove of backlinks pointing to that page, and losing traffic is not an option. How do you gracefully bid farewell to your page while retaining your valuable traffic?

The answer lies in choosing one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that help you implement a 301 redirect, politely instructing Google to shift its attention to another page.

These 301 redirects are not just a convenient tool; they are a crucial element of your SEO strategy. Fortunately, achieving this redirection doesn’t require an arduous effort. Simply specify the new URL that the page should now lead to, and voila!

As a delightful bonus, Redirection also keeps you informed about any pesky 404 errors.

Pro TIP: I recommend using BetterLinks, a link shortener, along with AIOSEO, one of the best WordPress SEO plugins, to make your links dynamic and easily manageable. With this combination, you will be able to update all links on your website with just one click. It’s a time saver!

Best for: Perfect for marketing or development teams embarking on a website redesign, Redirection is your trusty companion in seamlessly navigating the intricacies of SEO challenges.

Best wordpress seo plugins redirect » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


12. Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Ever noticed those eye-catching Google search results with interactive elements like photos, star ratings, prices, and more? Those are rich snippets, a Google feature designed to enhance search result visibility and potentially boost your click-through rate. Securing a spot in these rich snippets can give you a competitive edge and drive more traffic to your site.

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets, one of the best WordPress SEO plugins, is your key to competing for these coveted snippets. It simplifies the process by implementing schema coding for various types, including Reviews, Events, Recipes, Articles, Products, and Services. The beauty of it all? You don’t need to be a web developer to harness its power.

Best for: Tailored for small businesses, blogs, and review sites aiming to carve a more significant presence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), this plugin is your ticket to standing out in the competitive online landscape.

Best wordpress seo plugins schema » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


13. Ahrefs

Renowned as a staple among the best WordPress SEO plugins for years, Ahrefs has now extended its expertise with a dedicated WordPress plugin, seamlessly delivering actionable insights directly to your dashboard.

This plugin boasts distinctive features, including backlink analysis fuelled by the largest online backlink index, SEO analysis derived from your Google Analytics data, and a real-time content audit tool offering recommendations as you create content.

Best for: This tool isn’t exclusive to SEO professionals and content writers; PR professionals and social media managers can equally harness its power. Sharing access with diverse teams opens doors to understanding your backlink profile, unveiling partnership opportunities, and identifying potential collaborators, all of which contribute to the growth of website traffic. Ahrefs is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding of your digital landscape.

Pro TIP: Ahrefs is amazing regarding keywords and links. Based on, not only my opinion, but the SEO community, they offer the most reliable database supporting your SEO efforts. Besides Ahrefs I suggest checking also Ubersuggest which is the top in it’s class when it comes to recommending content for your Blog.

Best wordpress seo plugins ahrefs » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


14. SEMrush Writing Assistant

In the realm of intense competition, insights into your competitor’s SEO strategies are akin to discovering gold. Enter the SEMrush Writing Assistant plugin for WordPress – a tool not just for enhancing your writing but also for unraveling the secrets behind your competitor’s rankings.

Originally a renowned keyword research platform, SEMrush has now brought its popular Writing Assistant to the pantheon of the best WordPress SEO plugins. This plugin diligently checks your content in real time, offering recommendations based on your keywords and insights into your competitors. The result? A refined content creation process that competes effectively with existing ranking content.

Best for: Tailored for marketers and content creators well-versed in SEO best practices but not necessarily experts, the SEMrush Writing Assistant is your go-to companion for stepping up your content game and staying ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Best wordpress seo plugins semrush writing assistant » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


15. SEOPress

If you’re a business owner gearing up to revamp your website for a better user experience and seeking streamlined bulk optimization, SEOPress is tailor-made for you.

Worried about plugin overload? Fear not! SEOPress offers an all-inclusive package catering to your SEO essentials, encompassing breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, and sitemaps. From optimizing titles and meta descriptions to effortlessly submitting your sitemap to Google’s index and even conducting checks for broken links, you can manage it all directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Best for: Specifically designed for large websites dealing with substantial traffic and a wealth of content, SEOPress ensures your site stays at peak performance. Simplify your SEO endeavors and enhance your website’s efficiency with SEOPress – it’s your key to a seamless and optimized online presence.

Best wordpress seo plugins seopress » 2024 » intelligent customer zone


Pro TIP: The SEO game – it’s a bit like planting seeds. Sure, $100 or $200 a month might sound budget-friendly, but in the world of SEO, patience is the real gold. It typically takes 6-12 months for those lasting results to bloom.


Here’s the scoop: Investing in SEO and PPC (ads) is like giving your online garden a little boost. Don’t get me wrong, but YOU MUST INVEST in SEO and PPC. Otherwise, your blog, website, or e-commerce will plunge.


However, when it comes to promoting your content, there is no need to break the bank. Use one of the best WordPress SEO plugins to channel your energy into crafting content that’s not just informative but also educational, entertaining, and community-friendly. Trust me, it’s the secret sauce!


So, get one of the SEO tools like AIOSEO and Surfer SEO and skip the content promotion splurge. Focus on creating top-notch content that naturally grabs attention and sparks valuable conversations.


REMEMBER – Quality over quantity is the name of the game 🚀✨


Surfer SEO improves the use of the best WordPress SEO plugins, Elevating Content Optimization

Use tools utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO stands as a comprehensive solution, empowering content creators, marketers, and SEO enthusiasts with a robust set of tools for unparalleled content optimization.

Having both, for example, AIOSEO and Surfer SEO in your toolkit is a winning combination, ensuring a drastic improvement in the quality of your created content and consequently attracting valuable free traffic through enhanced search engine optimization.

Key Features:

  1. Content Editor: Craft well-structured articles with real-time feedback, relevant keywords, and a comprehensive optimization dashboard.
  2. Keyword Research Tool: Discover topic clusters, assess monthly search volume, and decode search intent for a strategic content plan.
  3. Keyword Surfer: Enhance your browsing experience with real-time keyword metrics directly on Google’s Search Results Page.
  4. AI Outline Generator: Generate content outlines swiftly with AI assistance, providing a solid foundation for your writing process.
  5. SEO Audit Tool: Revitalize old content, identify SEO errors, and receive insights on content length, NLP entities, and more.
  6. Customer Support: Enjoy timely, professional, and personalized support, ensuring a positive user experience.
  7. Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with key platforms, including Semrush, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Sheets, and more.

Best for: Teams and individuals seeking an all-encompassing solution to elevate content strategy, monitor keywords, and streamline workflow across multiple platforms. Surfer SEO is the cornerstone of data-driven content excellence, enhancing the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Elevate Your WordPress Site’s SEO with AIOSEO, one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins!

Unlock quality SEO by choosing the right tool from the best SEO WordPress plugins available today. While some themes boast built-in SEO settings, a dedicated SEO plugin becomes indispensable, especially during redesigns, allowing seamless transport of settings between themes.

Unlock the true worth of your SEO efforts with the AIOSEO WordPress plugin, a powerful tool that equips you with all the essentials to attract, convert, and delight your visitors.

Act now and transform your SEO game! Enhance your WordPress site’s performance with AIOSEO, the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin. Your comprehensive SEO solution awaits – get AIOSEO today!

If you treat your online presence seriously and want to thrive in the next 30 days, together with AIOSEO, use Surfer SEO and read how to rank on Google instantly with ChatGPT!

SEO Team To Help You Rank #1 In Google SERP

How to set up aioseo for traffic grow hack » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

How to Set Up AIOSEO for Traffic Grow Hack

Surfer seo surfer ai review » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

Surfer SEO Surfer AI Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Best WordPress SEO Plugins

1. How do I get good SEO on WordPress?

Focus on quality content, optimize titles and meta descriptions, use SEO plugins like AIOSEO, Yoast or Rank Math, and ensure your site is mobile-friendly.

2. Is Rank Math better than Yoast?

Both are excellent, but preferences vary. Rank Math is feature-rich, while Yoast is user-friendly. Choose based on your specific needs. If you look for user friendly and extremely packed with features then check AIOSEO, one of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

3. Is WordPress still the best for SEO?

Yes, WordPress remains a top choice for SEO with its user-friendly interface, customization options, and support from various SEO plugins.

4. What is the SEO score plugin for WordPress?

AIOSEO, Yoast SEO and Rank Math provide SEO scores, evaluate the optimization of your content, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Example of the wordpress SEO dashboard score and statistics:

Aioseo seo score and ranking statistics overview » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

5. How do I make my WordPress site searchable?

Use SEO plugins, create a sitemap, submit your site to search engines, optimize content, and build quality backlinks. Remember to include links to your pages inside the content to help search engines discover them.

6. How to do SEO on WordPress free?

Utilize free SEO plugins like AIOSEO, Yoast or Rank Math, optimize content, use relevant keywords, and ensure proper site structure. Don’t forget about free AI tools for keyword research. Check also a list of free tools you can use to improve your ranking position.

7. Is Yoast or SEO All in One better?

Both are effective, and they rank quite close. However, All in One SEO wins in terms of ease of use, better user experience, and more control over different features. Choose based on your preferences.

8. What is the best alternative to Rank Math?

All in One SEO is a popular alternative to Rank Math, offering a range of features for effective WordPress SEO.

9. Is Rank Math SEO free?

Yes, Rank Math offers a free version with essential SEO features. However, a premium version is available with additional functionalities.

10. Will SEO become obsolete?

SEO is evolving, but it won’t become obsolete. Stay updated on trends and adapt your strategies to the changing digital landscape.

So far, SEO is the only way that people and search engines can benefit from regarding indexing and providing good content. If you focus on SEO for 1 year, you will see tremendous results. Try it for one month, measure, observe changes and decide by yourself.

11. Is Wix SEO as good as WordPress?

While Wix has improved its SEO capabilities, WordPress remains a preferred choice for its flexibility, plugins, and SEO-friendly features.

12. Which is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress?

Yoast SEO, and Rank Math are popular free plugins that offer robust features for WordPress SEO. But if you would like to test with a plan to move to the paid version, the best today is AIOSEO. It’s easy to use and full of useful features.

13. How do I get Google to index my WordPress site?

Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, create quality content, use SEO plugins, and ensure your site is crawlable.

14. How do I rank my WordPress site on Google?

Optimize content, build quality backlinks, use SEO plugins, focus on user experience, and stay updated on SEO best practices.

15. Is Yoast free for WordPress?

Yes, Yoast SEO offers a free version with essential SEO features, along with a premium version for advanced functionalities.

16. What is the number one SEO tool?

Various tools excel in different aspects. AIOSEO, Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and Ahrefs are the most popular choices for WordPress SEO.

17. Which SEO tool is most accurate?

Ahrefs is renowned for accurate SEO data and analysis, providing comprehensive insights for optimizing your website.

18. Can I use two SEO plugins in WordPress?

While possible, it’s not recommended to use multiple SEO plugins simultaneously, as they might conflict with each other. The best is to choose the one that has all the features you need and get the PRO version if required.

19. Can I use Yoast SEO for free?

Yes, Yoast SEO offers a free version with essential SEO features, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

20. Do I need both Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium?

The premium version offers advanced features, but the free version is sufficient for basic SEO needs. Upgrade based on your requirements.

21. Do SEO plugins work?

Yes, SEO plugins like AIOSEO, Yoast, Ahrefs, and Rank Math are effective tools for optimizing your WordPress site, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Check example:

Aioseo overview » 2024 » intelligent customer zone

22. Why is my WordPress website not indexed by Google?

Ensure your site is not set to discourage search engines, check for noindex tags, and submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Check other posts that can boost your SEO.

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SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist

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How to skyrocket SEO with keyword Surfer, best SEO AI

In this article we provide you a detailed guide on utilizing Keyword Surfer extension and Surfer SEO to enhance your SEO strategies. It covers topics like quick ranking techniques, understanding keyword types, the accuracy of keyword tools for achieving high keyword ranks, and utilizing SurferSEO for YouTube. The article also discusses keyword scoring, search volume, SEO timelines, tips for ranking #1 on Google, understanding competitors, creating SEO-friendly content, avoiding keyword overuse, finding easy-to-rank keywords, and competitive analysis. Read the whole article for a detailed exploration of these topics.

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