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How to promote affiliate products with recurring commissions?

by | Last updated Apr 9, 2023 | Published on Mar 7, 2021 | Marketing

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Recurring commission programs are affiliate marketing programs that bring income each month. You will earn passive income for each directed customer who bought the product. This will last as long as the customer continues to keep and use the product.

The products with recurring commissions should have high commission value for you, even though the client doesn’t pay too much. Still, one acquired customer will generate recurring commissions, so it may be worth investing extra time and budget to increase your clients’ portfolio.

It might be precious to be quite aggressive with these product offers from a traffic and content standpoint to poses more customers. It would be best to consider Facebook ads, search engine ads, forum ads, forum signature ads, guest posting, dedicated landing pages. These programs offer recurring revenue, so you may want to invest more to capture the deals.

Ideas of how to market products from recurring commission affiliate marketing programs.

Number one is a dedicated landing page. This is the main place where you direct the leads. To be successful with those products, you need to take a little bit different action from Amazon products. With Amazon, you bring the customer to the website, and the website takes care of the sale because of great trust build-up from years. With not-so-popular programs, you need to warm up the audience. Your landing page has to create trust. Before providing a link to your landing page, try to use a sequence with an autoresponder or free report and email collecting page. In the autoresponder sequence, you should use the call to action (CTA) and redirect them to the landing page.

One of the best ways to market those products and services is to use Facebook retargeting ads. So, after reading your BLOG with a review or report, you should target them to your landing page when they are surfing Facebook – customized ads.

Another good way is to build a proper emails list with information about interest in specific products, because if someone from your email list who checked out the product may be a good candidate to become a customer, so you could send him straight to the vendor offer or go through your funnel and let them open your landing page. When you try to attract visitors with your offer and collect their emails, make sure you can define their interests for future actions. This way, you will get feedback on how to increase conversion.

It’s good to create anchors between a topic and a detailed part of the post with a product review or specific information. These internal links are also precious from the SEO perspective. For an example of anchoring, please go to List of products in affiliate marketing programs and check the GOTO links under folded content in accordion page element (click, for example Hosting and then use Goto link to see how it works).

One of the best is an e-book covering training for the products and tools with affiliate links. This type of e-book is a lead magnet with internal links directing potential customers to the vendor’s page. Most of the time, people who read this type of e-book, in most cases, already decided to buy the product but still look for a little bit more information that they couldn’t find in a specification or are particularly interested in specific functionality.

Another approach is to write an extensive e-book with valuable information, training, or benchmarks and sell it. You can also establish a value for it and then use it in bonus offers.

Bonus offers – are very attractive ways of improving your conversion. With the main product, you can offer bonuses like free templates, e-books, training, or free support to bring additional value to the prospects.

It’s also important to mention the ads. You can purchase very long tail cheap but directed keyword Google ads which are very specific to the product but are not the head keywords. This way, you will get small traffic of potential customers who look for a product that you are promoting. Those ads should direct visitors to your landing page or your sales funnel. This will not generate huge traffic, but even one-two sales per month in a longer time frame will be very profitable because of recurring commissions.

Last in sequence but not least in importance are honest and precise reviews of the products that you are promoting. Those have a high value to the visitors of your website because you prove that the product is valuable if you own it.

This could be anything, for example:

  • Hosting service,
  • Themes,
  • Plugins,
  • SEO tools,
  • Email marketing service,
  • Content creation tools like Grammarly,
  • VPN services,

Your visitors will assume that presumably, you like and trust these tools and are very critical for your business. With your recommendation, it makes them ideal products for your visitors. To improve the conversion you should create a landing page for each of them. This way you will support those products and help to improve them and at the same time collect a commission for sales.

How to Choose best for you affiliate marketing program

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Affiliate marketing is the reputation and trust type business. This requires you to create honest and correct articles, reviews, etc., and very importantly, never send someone an offer that you wouldn’t buy for yourself just because it pays well. This might have a great negative impact on your reputation and only for a few dollars of commission.

Start your affiliate marketing with products you use or have used in the past. Do you remember tones of questions and uncertainty when you looked for hosting companies, email services, any SEO, or Internet Marketing products? Your potential customers are going the same way, but now could use your experience and avoid your mistakes or even quicker find a perfect solution for their business. That’s why you should write up how you use these tools and why did you choose them. This is very valuable information for your visitors.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to purchase every possible product before recommending them to your customers or users. For those, you should do thorough research to save your visitors time and let them know your findings. Most of these programs have free or low-cost trials, which might be also very good to prepare a report. You could also reach out to the company which products you would like to promote and ask additional questions or even get some data to support your report.

You could also reach out to your community and ask them for their recommendation, findings and collect all of the information in order to create a report or thorough review.


Products with recurring commissions should be in every affiliate marketer’s portfolio. These can even out the typically lumpy revenue that affiliates earn.

What is more, the commission rates are quite high in those programs, because they produce a high lifetime customer value for the vendors.

We understand that there is no best affiliate program that would satisfy everybody and each product depends on your audience and niche.

Try to find the best program for you by checking our list of products in affiliate marketing programs with recurring commissions.

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