The Full Story ofThe Digital Marketing Agencyrepresented by Intelligent Customer Zone, LLC

Once upon a time, there was a passionate engineer called Magic.

Magic was very passionate about technology in the broad sense of the word. He started his adventure with electronics and computers in 1990 with Atari XT, Atari ST, Commodore, and Pentium Computers. He also had the opportunity to work in one of the first computer stores in his city. These first steps turned technological advances into his hobby. During this period, he began his adventure with programming (Basic, Assembler, Embedded C, C/C++) and began to gain knowledge and, most importantly, experience using various programming languages.

This early period in his life influenced his choice of career path. Magic wanted to develop new skills. Therefore, in 2006, already with academic titles, he started many projects. This allowed him to expand his skills to the business sphere and understanding of the market and customers.

It is also worth mentioning that his main goal in life was and is helping people.

As you can imagine, it was the most demanding road in his life, but at the same time, his dream and willingness to help people were stronger than the potential difficulties of learning how to run a business.
What’s more, all the projects he launched were designed to accelerate learning about all the rules governing the markets and the purchasing process.

Already in the 90s, he noticed the potential of the internet and process automation. In the end, he managed to run many businesses, emphasizing online business and remote customer service, which was an innovative solution at the time.

Perfecting our craft

For the next 15 years, Magic devoted himself to the craft, carefully building a team to ensure the high quality of his services. It was hard work requiring a lot of sacrifices from him because he worked 18 hours a day. As you can imagine, that sacrifice impacted himself and his family life.

Nonetheless, until 2013, he ran several companies and participated in almost all possible projects to gain as much experience as possible. He focused on various business areas like systems administration (sysadmin), website development, search engine optimization (SEO), customer experience with shopping behavior analysis, website optimization, digital marketing, etc.

As a result, in 2013, he could already start the last stage of his journey by launching a digital marketing agency. But unfortunately, he was missing a critical piece of the puzzle, and the future brought even more stress.

A major milestone

In 2013, he lost focus on his primary goal, taking a few more years to finally understand that the missing piece was the interaction with customers and getting to know their needs. As you might know, only proper analysis of customers’ needs enables the development of satisfactory solutions to their problems.

What is more, the source of success is the number of solved problems.

Golden solution

Consequently, in January 2021, everything became clear to him, and Magic established a digital marketing agency, which combines years of experience and aims to offer a new approach to services offered by similar agencies. The new business model, which he defined, combines aspects of traditional online marketing with full customer support and intelligent customer experience known from big companies.

This approach creates a big picture that reveals the critical aspects of the online business that fail and require some attention.

Just think, you never traveled, staying all your life at your street, how big a difference would it make to fly with a helicopter and see that your street is only a tiny piece of immense infrastructure. That’s how he sees websites and online businesses as only a small part of the big puzzle.

But just as a puzzle cannot solve itself, a business itself will not succeed and requires someone to develop it to be successful.

Mentoring is part of the business model.

Possible that you have never before heard this term and might not know what mentoring is or how it could help you. What is more, you might ask what it has to do with online marketing? 

Let me explain it.

Mentorship is a type of guidance or direction given by a mentor, a coach. In every aspect of our life, mentors improve personal and professional growth. Therefore help you to avoid most, if not all, of the mistakes. 

How is it possible?

Mentors use years of experience to provide professional support to a mentee – which is you. Just imagine how precise feedback from an experienced mentor could improve your business in a fraction of the time. So let’s analyze for a moment fundamental questions that most of us ask:

  • What should you do to begin your business?
  • What mistakes to avoid?
  • How to perform search engine optimization?
  • How to get customers?
  • How to monetize your offer?

All of those questions could be answered instantly by a mentor who already found the answers by potentially failing and succeeding multiple times. The gold lies in his trials. Now think how helpful that might have been if he shared all of that knowledge with you. How would that information speed up your effort?

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What is so unusual about Magic's business model?

Magic analyzed his life and problems compared to customers’ issues who came to him. As a result, he discovered that the showstopper is the initial investment, as we know, required to start any business.

For example, you might say, I want to start my own company but don’t know what to do and don’t have money to invest.

Magic knew that all of us had the same dilemma initially, and that’s how he came up with the Intelligent Customer Zone idea.

First, he defined the business model with DWY (Done-With-You) and DFY (Done-For-You) solutions as key elements helping to start the business.

Secondly, he decided to completely support new entrepreneurs for one year with significant services offered without a payment.

As a business partner of Intelligent Customer Zone, you will only pay for one year of complete support with this Win-Win solution if you earn money from your business. In case, even in 12 months, you cannot make a significant income, you can cancel everything without any payments.

This approach helps solve one of the biggest problems you might have: “how can I avoid a failure”.
The complete solution, formulated by Magic, gives everybody a chance to start their own online business with a coach and technical support served on a golden plate.

You can read more about provided support on the complete solution page.

Partnership with Intelligent Customer Zone

The story doesn’t end here because it’s not about an offer by itself. It’s all about the partnership with Intelligent Customer Zone. That is the essential aspect Magic is passionate about because partners benefit from each other. That’s the clue of future business, how to cooperate not fight with each other.

We are at the edge of the new era, the era of the digital world. Of course, everybody has to prepare himself but together is much easier, especially in the new post-pandemic or constant pandemic reality. That is why partners’ success is a success of Intelligent Customer Zone. Magic made clear that the whole idea of the Win-Win model is to share knowledge and customers

If you are a business owner, or you know a business that might need some improvements, please consider a proposal to become a business partner with Intelligent Customer Zone. As a partner, you will get some insights and data regarding market needs or future movements, which might give you direct and precise information on what steps you should take to run a successful business.

In Magic’s opinion, neither Intelligent Customer Zone nor your business can cover 100% of market needs, but together we can improve customer experience resulting in long-lasting, satisfied customers.

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Customers and users of Intelligent Customer Zone

The Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) was a foundation to start the Intelligent Customer Zone. With time and every customer, Magic understood how difficult it is to search for new products or services on the internet.

Every day we get hit by thousands of ads and offers trying to convince us to this specific one. Nevertheless, to choose an offer that fits our needs, we need detailed information but many times, we get the same recommendations.

Magic wanted to create a place where everybody could request a custom review, analysis, or report based on individual requirements. Other people may search for answers to the same question. Therefore a good report could benefit more than one person. Unfortunately, we can only find forums where we can get answers, but often, we still get influencers convincing us of a specific brand or product.

What if you could get someone to help you analyze all available options you have?

Here comes Intelligent Customer Zone to help its’ users to make conscious decisions and pick the product or service that provides them with all the required functionality. Now everybody has a chance to let us know what product interests them, and we will check the market and write an extensive report or review to support the choice.

We create unbiased reviews to cover the topic in a precise technical way showing potentially all the pros and cons.

Now that’s the whole story of how Magic came up with the idea of three main elements, totally separate at first look, but combining the market, the business with their customers in one place called Intelligent Customer Zone.

Please let us know what you think about Intelligent Customer Zone and its benefits for you.

You can also check our offer and services to have a complete picture. If you are looking for a portal for our partners, you must go to ICZ Agency.

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