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WARNING Business Owners!

To Increase FREE Traffic

Don’t lose prospects – Get visibility on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
With the FREE SEO Report, you will understand exactly what you might have to improve to get more visitors and clients.


In 24h, we will perform a FREE SEO audit of key elements of your business



After the SEO Audit, you will get FREE SEO Report showing potential improvements



Implementation of improvements will SKYROCKET your FREE Traffic

Free SEO Audit and SEO Report for www.Maarstraat.com Google Search Console Excerpt Image

Do you need SEO Report and SEO Strategy?

SEO is worthwhile if you have the right strategy in place and work with a partner, like our Agency, that knows how to get results.

More than 91% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
The close rate of SEO leads from Organic Traffic is much higher than that of traditional marketing and is for FREE.

So, you need SEO to get an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Content of the SEO Report:


The 4 most important OnPage SEO factors


Readability Analysis


Headings Analysis


Website Speed and Page Performance


Off-Page Ranking Optimisation


Keyword Density


Mobile SEO


Google SERP Snippet

Why is SEO more effective than regular marketing?

Simply put, someone who finds you is much more eager to buy from you than someone who gets smashed with an advertisement.

Someone who finds you knows what he needs. You just have to be there on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The greatest advantage of SEO is that it works for a long time. Everything you do today will improve your statistics in the future.

The Biggest SEO disadvantage

SEO is a process that requires time. Search Engines need to recognize the new content and evaluate it, but most importantly, people must start recognizing and clicking your link offer. This is a long run – it cannot be sped up. Any dirty technique might cause your website to be removed completely from the search engine results.

Therefore, it’s important to perform SEO properly, ethically, and according to search engine requirements.

We have techniques that help to improve your position in search engine rankings, but do you need all of them?

The Most Recent Results of The SEO Strategy

A precisely Targeted SEO strategy can improve the visibility of your business on Search Engine Result Pages. What we offer is to implement technical solutions to increase your FREE Traffic. A purely technical SEO approach allows us to work with international clients. We understand the technology of search engines, and we comply with their requirements to achieve amazing results.

You can check the results of on-site SEO implemented on the www.maarstraat.com website. Within one month, we improved the rankings in Google for the “huis te koop Brunssum” long keyword, which means “house for sale Brunssum”. This is the most popular phrase people search on google from the Brunssum location (City in the Netherlands). Moreover, this is the main target of that website – to increase visibility to people who want to buy a house in the Brunssum location.

IMPORTANT: This is a single page without any blog and no external links. We only implemented on-page SEO. Imagine what would happen if we had already implemented a complete SEO package. As you can see, even your single page can benefit from a FREE SEO Report and implementation of the SEO strategy.

Free SEO Audit and SEO Report for www.Maarstraat.com Google Search Console Results Graph
Free SEO Audit and SEO Report for www.Maarstraat.com Google Search Console Congrats
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