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INCREASE the visibility of your Business to your local and online community

What is your position in Google, Bing, or Alexa?
Increase your ranking to the #1 position by implementing suggestions from the FREE Google Business Profile Report.


In 24h, we will perform a FREE Google Business Profile audit of your business



After the Audit, you will get a FREE Google Business Profile Report



Implementation of improvements will SKYROCKET new clients

You can edit your profile directly from Google Search.

Read reviews and answer your clients.

Message clients directly from Google Search.
Get notifications when a client is looking for your help.

Check the performance of your profile.
You can check how many customers saw your Business.

List products and services to attract more customers.

Set up booking directly from Google Search – makes it easy for customers to interact with your business.

Add special offers to attract more clients and setup automated answers to common questions.

Ask your customers for a review – they increase the attractiveness of your business.

Why should I care about Google Business Profile (GBP)?

Trust me, many potential clients from the “Near Me” location might walk by and not pay attention to your Business.

… BUT, whenever they need a service or product, they search Google, Bing, Alexa, or other search engines.

Google My Business and Google Business Profile show information about Your Business in Google Search.

It is a free tool that you can use to present your Business on Google Search and Maps properly.

In addition, a Google Business Profile (GBP) helps local (physical) businesses connect with customers, post current product or service updates, list offers, accept online orders, message clients directly from Google Search, and more.

Google Business Profile or Google My Business?

Previously known as Google My Business (GMB), the Google tool changed the name to Google Business Profile, which I think is much better, representing what you can expect from the tool.

Nevertheless, I will use both terms out of the habit of our clients.

It’s important to mention that Google plans to retire the Google My Business app completely because Google decided to offer more through profiles. You also benefit from Google Search and Google Maps directly connected to the Google Business Profile.

Get your FREE Google Business Profile Report NOW to collect data about your Business and update information inside the Google Business Profile to stand out in search results.

Who should use Google Business Profile?

Every Business that wants to improve visibility. You can have a profile even if your Business doesn’t have a physical address, but there is a requirement. You can have the profile as long as you make in-person contact with your customers.

What about other businesses, like a hybrid, that works locally and online?

They can have the business profile as well. The hybrid Business means that you serve customers at your business address and also at the customer’s location, for example, delivering services.

There is also a possibility to have a profile even if you don’t serve clients at your physical location but deliver services directly to them. For example, it might be a plumber or cleaning service.

Why do you need FREE Google Business Profile report?

Most importantly, you want to know exactly how your Business is presented online and how your customers see you. REMEMBER: Whenever you use your own browser and search for something, you get dedicated content, and many times it’s not the same result as others get.

It means that if I search for services you offer and you do the same, we both get different results.

You can improve your Business’s online visibility with a report and SEO techniques we offer.

Examples from the Google Business Profile Report

Inside the FREE GBP report:



Check if your website is properly Claimed/UnClaimed.


Social Report

Gather data about your social media presence.


Adwords, Facebook, Analytics Pixels

Verify if you have pixel tracking codes installed correctly.


Local Schema

We verify if you have the SEO Local Schema Installed on the website.


Yelp Report

We identify if you have a Yelp Listing. Yelp is the first step for local presence.


SSL Certificate

Check if your website uses a secure and VALID SSL Certificate.


SERP Snippet

See how your website looks on Google Search Results. Check if you sound like you would like your clients to recognize you.


WordPress Report

WordPress is underestimated by many, but having a WordPress website is great because it can be customized very easily and for minimal cost.


Mobile Friendly

Check if your website is appropriately mobile-optimized.


Video Report

Search for videos related to your local Business. Unfortunately, not many local businesses have videos that increase sales and opt-ins.


Google Search Console

Google Search Consoles tag presence is essential for checking your local ranking.


Contact CTA Report

We Search and Identify your Contact Call To Action on your homepage.


Google Tag Manager

Let’s check if you have Google Tag Manager pixel tracking code installed and if it works properly.


Open Graph

This is essential for social media presence and viral sharing of information about your Business. We will check to see if your Business has Open Graph Protocol installed and how your links are presented on social media.



We will verify your marketing activity.


Google Ranking

Finally, we will look at your google ranking to suggest improvements.

Why should you get the Report?

I believe you understand the importance of your business ranking high on Google. SEO is the main factor driving your position, and a high position guarantees new clients visit your website. Combining SEO with Google ads gives you maximum visibility, and you can manage everything on your Google Business Profile.

It’s crucial to keep accurate information about your Business. You don’t want to mislead your potential customers with inaccurate information. Therefore, you need to update your Business profile on Google as soon as possible with any changes. Now it’s extremely easy with Google Business Profile, which is available directly from Google Search.

Moreover, you can easily message your clients from Google Search and attract new customers with well updated Google Business Profile.

Don’t miss customers – get your FREE Google Business Profile Report to attract prospects and improve SEO.

Free SEO Audit and SEO Report for www.Maarstraat.com Google Search Console Congrats
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