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We look from a different perspective.

About Our Mission

Digital Marketing Agency grew up in my mind a long time ago, but just lately, I finally formulated its business model. It might be surprising that I founded an agency just in the middle of pandemia and a growing world crisis. You probably would like to ask me why now and why I call it innovative. The answer is in our mission to help everyone interested to start a business with almost no money.

Today, people look for the best customer experiences that meet their needs. Most companies go through a transformation process by following customer experiences, driven by robust creative technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational perfection. We combine these capabilities into a single solution and improve it even further. We help you create your brand and provide everything needed to grow in the digital world. This partnership approach is innovative.

It’s not really about us.

From day one, I focused on our partners like you. Why? Because I struggled to be where I am right now, and I know that other people, possibly you, go through the same problems.

I’m Magic

To provide you the best service and solve your problems, we execute the same tasks as you. Therefore, we understand your issues and prepare solutions based on our continuous experience.

We’ve spent years sharpening our craft in the service of making things better for you. By following new challenges, we provide you the comprehensive ideas and solutions. As you can see, it’s not really about us, because most of the time we focus on people like you to improve our skills and offer.

Here at ICZ, we believe that we provide you professional support as marketers and software developers. What is more, we’re here to create a community where everyone’s welcome, whether they’re learning online marketing for the first time or improving their world-class business. We have big goals to shape the Intelligent Customer Zone where everybody can find a supporting hand, and it all starts with the core values that we live and breathe every day.

Core values


We believe that open and accessible information is the best way to cooperate with our partners. We honestly represent our intentions to our partners, team members, and customers, sharing as much information as possible without sacrificing our values.


We honor our commitments to our partners and are responsible for the outcomes because we know that accountability doesn’t happen just by chance. Therefore we take ownership of our work, learn from mistakes, and celebrate the successes of our partners.


ICZ provides our community and partners more than others charge for the same services. This way, we fulfill our mission by providing value and help to you. We believe that your success is ours, and we create a healthy relationship that works both ways.

Continuous learning

We understand that no one knows everything. We are constantly learning, and we expect your feedback to increase the value of our services. Moreover, based on comments and suggestions, we eliminate any deficiencies in the pursuit of perfection.


Empathy is the ability to understand our business partners and their point of view emotionally. We can do that because we offer what we do every day. Those skills allow us to fulfill your expectations because we respect your thoughts, feelings & opinions.


People assume that the existing norm is the right path, but we believe that only an innovative approach can be highly successful. We develop our agency with best practices and creative ideas to pave our own better path forward.

Innovative Support

Innovative support

How we do it?

You contact us by filling a form. After the initial contact, we exchange information related to your plans and expectations. Analysis of provided information will let us prepare a proposal for our collaboration. Our proposal will relate to three aspects:

    1. a done-for-you (DFY) solution with full support.
    2. marketing agency services supported with market analysis and customer experience.
    3. product or service review, analysis, and recommendation on request.

Digital business support

Done For You Solutions

We help you find your business market by reviewing your expectations and searching for a niche.

Based on the initial analysis we search for a currently available domain for sale with a high search engine ranking or a brand new domain name. After we buy for you the domain, we install everything on the hosting server.

Now comes the time to start search engine optimization from scratch. Therefore, you will choose up to three templates that you like the most and we will design your website with performance optimization in mind to improve your customer’s experience.

We offer you all you need to start your business for one year for free: Domain, Hosting, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many more.

Digital marketing support

Marketing Services

Digital marketing is constantly changing. Therefore, you need to perform many actions to be visible online. We’ve created a large platform of marketing and advertising services that accommodate businesses and customers together.

We understand that there is no customer without a business and no business without customers. Whether you’re a small business, just getting started, or a large enterprise looking to take your online marketing to the next level, we will help you reach your audience.

Suppose the full support is not the way you would like to have it. In that case, we offer all popular marketing agency services like SEO, Web design, Pey-Per-Click campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting.

Market analysis

Analysis on demand

More than 61% of users research a product before making a purchase.

We build a database of research to recommend the best product or service to you as a part of our community and create the best customer experience.

On our marketing platform, you can request your custom-tailored review with a report and product recommendation. This way, you help to grow the platform and, at the same time, get specific parameters of the product or service you are looking for. What is more, In many cases, you won’t determine the product’s actual benefits until you read the reviews, and even when a buyer gives 5 Stars, you still might not know why he gave those stars.

Have a question or not sure where to start?

Contact us to find out how Intelligent Customer Zone can solve your problems?
Please tell us what you would like to achieve – money, experience, or maybe some information regarding products or services.

When you succeed, We succeed.

We designed the Intelligent Customer Zone to offer innovative solutions to you. What is more, we don’t stay in place and keep educating ourselves to add and modify current services that help you succeed. We learn and improve our skills by performing the same tasks we offer to you because it’s crucial to keep up with the market and the trends in a crowded and ever-changing industry. Moreover, our end goal is your success, even if it requires extra time and resources on our end.

As already stated, our mission is to offer our partners everything required to setup up an online business without funds because we understand how demanding it is, especially from the financial point of view. Please, contact us, and we will respond to you via email and start the work to find the best niche, domain, design the website, install everything on the hosting server, and all that for free for one year. We will also answer all of your questions if you have them.

Intelligent Customer Zone represents the spirit of the future – the need for changes to our regular life.

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